Hamshari Group Signs with dot.jo

dot.jo signs off a deal to partner with Hamshari Group Investments, a local holding company giant, to develop the group’s website.

The website will work on presenting the company, its mission, vision, and the services it provides, whether directly or through any of its owned companies.

Representing dot.jo was Mr. Marwan Juma; Chairman. Representing Hamshari Group Investments was Mr. Jamal Hamsharil; Manageing Partner.

Since its establishment Hamshari Group Investments’ path always, with a genuine tone, showed commitment to contribute to the development of the country and its society. As it has excelled in the market through its many trading and manufacturing companies, this resulted in creating many different jobs to work.

dot.jo supports this calling and is proud to be responsible for creating the group’s cyber identity, and strengthen their presence within the online community.