Core Services



HGI's Trading Division was the fulcrum of HGI's operations since its inception. The division began as a supplier of auto spare parts for various manufacturers, and it quickly grew to become a flagship supplier of auto spare parts for a host of leading Asian, European, and American brands.

Following its success with auto parts, the group's trading portfolio gradually expanded to include lubricants, batteries, and tires. Today, HGI's Trading Division alone represents, mostly on an exclusive status, a broad range of brands from the aforementioned countries, with a network of more than 15 companies around the world, some wholly-owned by HGI and others being joint-ventures with our respected partners.

Our division has employed a policy of absolute transparency and total dedication to quality. The division conducts one-on-one personal business meetings with all its customers from government sectors to trade in the Middle East, the GCC countries and North Africa. The division has been involved in the Jordanian market since its inception, and as the importance of auto spare parts and other products in the country increased, the division has worked to streamline the trade of these products in record time.

With a strong network of partners and subsidiaries around the world, the division has become a one-stop-shop for auto parts and necessities for countless global organizations. Over the last two decades, HGI's trading portfolio has shown exceptional fluidity and adaptability, and it continues to grow and experiment with new trading prospects in accordance with market trends.



Following the rapid expansion of its trading portfolio, HGI eventually invested in the field of manufacturing. The company today is a full partner in several Japanese, European and regional factories specializing in the production of clutches, transmissions, construction products and motorcycle products, in addition to all kinds of lubricants (substances designed to reduce friction between moving objects, used in the manufacture of motor and generator oils).

HGI's Manufacturing Division has become one of the leading names in the manufacture, export and import of the aforementioned products. The division has gained a reputation for having an unmatched network of partners that has granted the group access to the world's premium factories, opening endless doors for the group toward its continual expansion and prosperity.



With the record-breaking prosperity that real-estate market had experienced over the last few decades, Hamshari Group quickly saw a strong opportunity for investment, which led the group to launch its Properties Division, with the objective of handling the group's various investments in the real estate sector. Over the course of several decades, the division had acquired a wide range of lands, towers and real-estate projects in the MENA region, Asia, Europe and the USA. The division has also managed to create and maintain an extensive network of partners in these locations, with further expansion plans currently underway.

HGI believes that real estate is the key to the prosperity of our local and regional economies, which is why our Properties Division was created upon the key principles of fearless investment and smart trading. Our strong network of realtors and investment analysts has allowed us a unique insight into the global real estate market, which is amply shown by the division's continual expansion over the years.