Founded in 1951, Hamshari Group Investments (HGI) is a leading group of enterprises specializing in the fields of trade, manufacturing, properties and securities. The group is headquartered in Amman, Jordan, with subsidiary companies in Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, China and the U.S.

HGI was founded by a group of hardworking entrepreneurs committed to the revolutionizing of the industrial landscape of their local community. HGI began as a mid-sized auto spare parts establishment, but has since then expanded to become a world-class corporation covering a broad range of industries in the aforementioned fields.

The Group’s Trading Division, in addition to becoming the flagship supplier of an extensive range of auto spare parts, has also expanded to include lubricants, batteries, and tires. The HGI represents, mostly on an exclusive status, a broad range of Japanese, European, Korean American, as well as our very own brands, and with a network of more than 19 companies around the world, some wholly-owned by HGI and others being joint-ventures with our respected partners.

The ever-expanding trading portfolio led the HGI to venture in the field of manufacturing, and the company today is a full partner in several Asian, European and regional –offices specializing in the production of clutches, transmissions, construction products, and motorcycle products and all kinds of lubricants substances designed to reduce friction between moving objects, used for vehicles, generators, vessels and all industrial machines.

As for its Properties Division, Hamshari Group has, over the course of several decades, become the owner of a wide range of lands, towers and real-estate projects in the MENA region, Europe, Asia and USA. HGI has managed to create an extensive network of global partners in these locations, with further expansion plans currently underway. The company aims not only to become a leading global authority in the field of properties and real estate, but to contribute positively to the landscapes in which the department operates by increasing trade activities and promoting industrial best practices.

Following its successes in the said fields, Hamshari Group launched its Securities Division out of boarded members and repetitive trading in the securities depositary centers with the purpose of expanding its portfolio and applying the entrepreneurial expertise of its team to other sectors. HGI today owns major shares in 14 real-estate, financial and investment institutions in MENA region, Japan, Europe, USA and Asia.

With a strong commitment to excellence and a team of dedicated individuals who are the cream of the crop in their respective specializations, HGI is continuing its pioneering journey with an impressive expansion streak that has seen the group achieve one success after another. We have formed long-term relationships with a broad range of clients, partners and employees, all of whom we consider pillars to our success.

Throughout our journey, we have had unwavering commitment to professionalism and integrity. Our relationship with our partners and clients has, since the very beginning, been founded on trust. We attribute our every one of our successes to our people, be they clients, employees or partners, and hence we strive to foster these relationships at all costs.