A Word from the Founder

Since its foundation in 1951, Hamshari Group Investments (HGI) has repeatedly set new trends in both inventiveness and perceptive business management. The last fifty years has seen the group take one bold step after another, venturing into new industries and continuously taking new chances to expand, tread new territories, and ultimately flourish.

When I first founded the company, what I had in mind was a humbly-sized family business in which my children, and their children after them, can find an honest, simple living. Never did I imagine that, fifty years later, the company would grow to reach the heights at which it soars today. Over the years, we have been blessed by meeting and working the best people, all of whom contributed greatly to our growth and success.

Time and time again, we had numerous chances to go public and open the company's gates to outside investments, but we always chose to keep it a family business, the way it had always been intended, in order to preserve its longstanding legacy and the spirit with which it was founded. Throughout the years, our prime concern had always been service quality, and all our management efforts were poured into preserving the good reputation and the steady growth we had achieved since the very beginnings.

The company has seen countless successes in its 50 years, but it has also battled and conquered endless challenges. We have sought to retain an organizational structure that brings both wisdom and dedication to the decision making process, signified by our board of directors which comprises of family members who not were not merely assigned their positions as birthrights but earned it with years of fortitude and hard work. Their unwavering commitment to the company is a guarantee that HGI will always be at the forefront of any and all fields it ventures into.

In closing, I would like to extend my gratitude to all the individuals who form the building blocks of HGI family – our partners, our employees and our clients. Their unrelenting efforts are the very soil in which our organization spreads its roots, for that we will always be grateful.

Mr. Naji H. Hamshari

Founder and Chairman of the Board