General Information

HGI has formed and maintained a strong network of subsidiaries and partners. These companies are either fully owned and operated by HGI, or are partners with a relationship based on mutual (often exclusive) representation. Below you will find an overview of our subsidiaries in each of the sectors we currently operate.

Our subsidiaries in the field of trade include:

  • Global Spare Parts Group –Amman- Jordan
  • Oriental Auto Spare Parts – Amman- Jordan
  • Auto Jo – Amman- Jordan
  • Arabian Cities Spare Parts - Jordan
  • Alfa- Zerka Free Zone- Jordan
  • Central Auto Parts Establishment – Zerka Free Zone - Jordan
  • Delta Auto Spare Parts -U.A.E
  • East Auto Spare Parts – U.A.E
  • Hapco Group Fzc - U.A.E – Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Exedy Middle East Fzco - U.A.E
  • The National Spare Parts Company – Kuwait
  • Nickle Glass And Batteries Company – Kuwait
  • Gigantex Export – Import Co. – Japan

All above companies represent and sell our products on wholesale and retail bases to their local markets, while some also export the same to neighboring countries through our other companies in various free zones.

To better service our clients in the manufacturing arena, HGI has partnered with a number of premier factories around the world who manufacture a wide range of clutches, transmissions, construction products, and motorcycle products and all kinds of lubricants (substances designed to reduce friction between moving objects, used in the manufacture of motor and generator oils) . HGI's other partnerships include Exedy Middle East, located at Jabal Ali Free Zone in U.A.E. and owned and operated by Exedy Corporation in Japan; Exedy Dynax Europe ltd, and the Nairobi Representative Office, the three of whom are leading manufactures of clutches, transmissions, construction products, and motorcycle products.

HGI owns and operates wide range of lands, towers and real-estate projects in Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait, Europe and the USA. The company has managed to create an extensive network of partners in these locations, with further expansion plans currently underway. Our network of partners in the field of includes:

  • Gulf Oasis for Investment & Property Management Co – Jordan
  • Residence Real Estate Development & Investment – Jordan
  • Focus Property Investment Inc. – USA

The above companies represent and/or collaborate with HGI on its various real estate investments around the world, providing investment consultancy services as needed.

HGI launched its Securities Division with the purpose of expanding its portfolio and applying the entrepreneurial expertise of its team to other sectors. HGI today owns major shares in 14 real-estate, financial and investment institutions in MENA region, USA, and Asia. HGI works to acquire direct shares in various organizations operating in the markets within which we operate, regardless of their scope of work. We have thus far acquired substantial investments in the UAE property market and are currently expanding our investment portfolio in the aforementioned regions as well.

Additionally, HGI owns a substantial number of bonds in the MENA, European, American and Asian markets, which also constitute a large portion of our dealings in the field.

HGI also partake in worldwide dealings via using all major currencies, in addition to operating funds in the aforementioned regions.